UCO researcher Manuel de la Estrella is part of an international team, led by the Kew Botanical Gardens, which has developed the "tree of life" of flowering plants as a tool with a multitude of uses, from the classification and identification of plants, to conservation in the face of climate change

A team at the University of Cordoba has developed a methodology that defines the cultivable space between two-axis photovoltaic modules, with the aim of promoting the conversion of existing plants over to agrivoltaic production

Hydraulics and Irrigation researchers develop a model based on the ‘Transformer’ architecture to guide irrigation communities' decision-making

A clinical study in which almost 40,000 women have participated reveals the efficacy of breast tomosynthesis in decreasing the rate of interval carcinomas; that is, those that appear between two screening tests, suggesting the advisability of including this diagnostic technique in breast cancer early detection programs

A protocol designed by the University of Cordoba yields a simple and robust evaluation of the efficiency and durability of different commercial non-stick coatings used for food preparation

The mutual relationship between an algae and three bacteria studied by a team at the University of Cordoba presents the highest hydrogen production obtained so far by this type of consortium

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